Restrictions & Conditions of Entry

  1. Every person, staff, patrons, service people must be registered when they enter. We need your full name and a phone number or email.
  2. All patrons must be seated other than when ordering drinks, food or using the bathroom. You cannot stand and drink.
  3. Patrons cannot mingle with other tables.
  4. Exiting the hotel is via the Public Bar Door.
  5. Max on one table is 30 people of one group. Max bookings are 30 people.
  6. There is one chair/stool allocated to the entitled capacity of that particular room. You must not move chairs/stools from one room to another.
  7. Other than the table you are at, physical distancing of 1.5m must be adhered to.
  8. Hotel staff reserves the right to refuse entry. Any direction given by hotel staff must be obeyed.
  9. Patrons are encouraged to use hand sanitizer located at serving points and to use the hand washing facilities in the toilets.
  10. If any person feels unwell, they should leave the hotel, isolate and seek medical advice.